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This page gives an alphabetical list of filenames and page titles for the entire Sorabji Resource Site. The pages are not listed in the same order as the menus, which try to follow a logical order.

The filenames use the format 0x-xxxx.htm, which breaks down as follows:

  • Menu number (two digits from 00 to 09, omitting 08, reserved for future expansion)
  • Hyphen
  • Five letters (usually the first five letters of an important word in the page’s title)
  • Extension “htm”

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[00-about.htm] About This Site
[00-modif.htm] News and Recent Modifications
[00-sitem.htm] Site Map


[01-fivey.htm] Division of Compositional Career in Five-Year Periods
[01-forms.htm] Forms of Sorabji’s Name
[01-homag.htm] Musical and Literary Homages and Dedications
[01-miles.htm] Milestones in the Discovery of Sorabji’s Music
[01-morla.htm] Harold Morland’s Poems and Poetic Letters
[01-prese.htm] Presentation Letters
[01-resid.htm] Places of Residence
[01-socie.htm] Memberships in Societies and Boards
[01-sundr.htm] Sundry Facts about Dates
[01-trave.htm] Travels and Holidays


[02-biogr.htm] Biographical Notes
[02-corre.htm] Correspondents
[02-dedid.htm] Dedicatees of Musical Works
[02-edito.htm] Editors of Music Scores
[02-favou.htm] Favourite Composers, Performers, and Authors
[02-frien.htm] Friends and Acquaintances
[02-inscr.htm] Inscriptions in Scores and Books and on Photographs
[02-liter.htm] Literary Tastes
[02-meeti.htm] Dedicatees and Dates of First Meeting
[02-persi.htm] Transliteration of Persian Names
[02-photo.htm] Photographers and Artists
[02-pictu.htm] References to Pictures of People and Places Connected with Sorabji
[02-poets.htm] Poets Set to Music and Their Translators


[03-colle.htm] Contents of Around Music and Mi contra fa
[03-journ.htm] Musical and Non-Musical Journals
[03-newag.htm] Contributions to The New Age and The New English Weekly
[03-publi.htm] Published Essays and Open Letters
[03-quota.htm] Favourite Expressions and Notable Quotations
[03-unpub.htm] Unpublished Writings


[04-alter.htm] Works with Alternative or Previous Titles
[04-analy.htm] Analytical Texts in Scores
[04-barnu.htm] Bar Numbering in the Published Editions
[04-categ.htm] Titles of Works Grouped by Categories
[04-compl.htm] Completions and Arrangements
[04-diacr.htm] Titles of Works Containing Diacritics
[04-dimen.htm] Dimensions and Colours of the Published Editions
[04-disco.htm] Discoveries of Manuscripts, Acquisitions and Sales
[04-etnum.htm] Numbers of Pages of the Études transcendantes
[04-kssnu.htm] Chronological List of Works with KSS Numbers and Years of Publication
[04-langu.htm] Titles of Works Grouped by Language
[04-lingu.htm] Linguistic, Terminological, and Musical Problems in Titles of Works
[04-micro.htm] Microfilms and Bibliographic Compilations
[04-numbe.htm] Number of Works and Pages per Medium
[04-occul.htm] Interest in Occultism, Religion, and Eroticism
[04-opusc.htm] Section Titles of Opus clavicembalisticum
[04-opusn.htm] Opus Numbers
[04-overw.htm] Overview of Marc-André Roberge’s Editions and Compilations
[04-pages.htm] Works Ordered by Number of Pages
[04-patte.htm] Numbers with Patterns and Problems with Page Numbers
[04-pecul.htm] Manuscripts with Peculiarities
[04-relat.htm] Related Works by Other Composers
[04-repro.htm] Reproductions of Manuscripts in Printed Sources and Library Catalogues
[04-reser.htm] Publication Data and Reservations of Rights
[04-secti.htm] Section Titles Used in Multi-Movement Works
[04-sketc.htm] Sketches and Fragments
[04-sourc.htm] Musical and Literary Sources
[04-sourl.htm] Archival Sources for Letters and Other Documents
[04-sourm.htm] Owners of the Musical Manuscripts
[04-speci.htm] Special Editions of the Published Works
[04-table.htm] Tables of Contents of the Published Editions
[04-texts.htm] English Translations of the Texts Set to Music


[05-accid.htm] Accidentals and Transposition Symbols
[05-advan.htm] Advanced Keyboard Writing
[05-clavi.htm] Layout of the “Quasi fuga” from Symphonia claviensis
[05-conce.htm] Programmatic Indications in Concerto da suonare da me solo
[05-diesi.htm] Citations of the Dies irae
[05-etude.htm] Notes on the Études trancendantes
[05-fugat.htm] Structure of the Triple Fugue of the Variazioni e fuga triplice sopra “Dies irae”
[05-inter.htm] Interpretive Directions in the Third Symphony for Piano Solo
[05-keysi.htm [Key and Time Signatures, Metronomic Indications, Numbered Ideas]
[05-lette.htm] Musical Letters
[05-messa.htm] Structural Outline of the Messa grande sinfonica
[05-orche.htm] Orchestral Forces
[05-ossia.htm] Ossias and Crossed-out or Inserted Passages
[05-scato.htm] Notes on Un nido di scatole
[05-varia.htm] Variations, Passacaglias, and Fugues
[05-vocal.htm] Ranges of the Solo Vocal Parts


[06-altar.htm] Durations of Individual Tracks of the Altarus and Continuum Recordings
[06-archi.htm] Archival Audio and Video Recordings
[06-durat.htm] Performed Works and Durations
[06-early.htm] Early Performances
[06-etude.htm] First Performances of the Études transcendantes
[06-first.htm] First Performances
[06-label.htm] Record Labels and Their Artists
[06-opusc.htm] Durations of Recorded Performances of Opus clavicembalisticum
[06-seque.htm] Durations of the Sections of Sequentia cyclia sopra “Dies irae” ex Missa pro defunctis
[06-unper.htm] Unperformed Works
[06-unrec.htm] Works Performed but not Recorded
[06-venue.htm] Concert Venues
[06-video.htm] Recordings Posted on Video-Hosting Websites
[06-websp.htm] Websites of Performers

Opus sorabjianum

[07-clips.htm] Sound Files for the Musical Examples of Opus sorabjianum
[07-conte.htm] Abridged Version of the Table of Contents of Opus sorabjianum
[07-illus.htm] Illustrations
[07-prese.htm] Presentation and Download Link of Opus sorabjianum: The Life and Works of Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji
[07-versi.htm] Version History of Opus sorabjianum


[09-curre.htm] Current Research
[09-decip.htm] Deciphering Sorabji’s Handwriting
[09-humou.htm] Humour, Popular Culture, Trivia, Etc.
[09-links.htm] Useful Links for Research
[09-promo.htm] Societies Devoted to the Promotion of Sorabji’s Friends
[09-webpa.htm] Web Pages Devoted to Sorabji
[09-websi.htm] Websites Devoted to Sorabji

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