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This page lists those works by Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji for which a complete performance has not yet been given. Recordings, when available, are mentioned. A bullet () in the second column indicates a work for which a printed edition is available, making it easier to prepare a performance or a recording. Editions known to be in progress are indicated by a bullet between brackets ([•]). The third column gives details o fforthcoming performances, when available.

See also a list of works that have been premiered but are awaiting a first commercial recording.

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Works Edition Date of Scheduled Performance
Works Edition Date of Scheduled Performance
Concerto [no. 1] pour piano et grand orchestre (1915-16; 177 pp.)
Concerto II pour piano et grand orchestre (1916-17; 49 pp.) [•]
Concerto pour piano et orchestra da camera [no. 3] (1918; 100 pp.)
Concerto pour piano et grand orchestre [no. 4] (1918; 100 pp.)
Music to “The Rider by Night” (1919; 54 pp.) This work is unlikely to be performed given its incomplete status.
Symphony [no. 1] for Piano, Large Orchestra, Chorus, and Organ (1921-22; 300 pp.)
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra [no.] III [no. 6] (1922; 144 pp.)
Opusculum for Orchestra (1923; 36 pp.)
Rapsodie espagnole de Maurice Ravel—​Transcription de concert pour piano (first version, 1923; 16 pp.)
Concerto per pianoforte e piccola orchestra, “Simorg-Anka” [no. 7] (1924; 100 pp.)
Variazioni e fuga triplice sopra “Dies irae” per pianoforte (1923-26; 201 pp.) [•]
Concerto V for Piano and Large Orchestra [no. 8] (1927-28; 344 pp.)
Introduction, Passacaglia, Cadenza, and Fugue (1929; compl. Alexander Abercrombie, 2004; 79 pp.)
Symphony no. 0 for Piano Solo (1930-31; 333 pp.)
Quintet II for Piano and String Quartet (1932-33; 432 pp.)
Sonata V (Opus archimagicum) (1934-35; 336 pp.) Movements 8 and 9 have been performed in 2021 by Tellef Johnson, whose complete recording is due to be released in 2024.
Symphonic Variations for Piano (1935-37; 484 pp.) Only var. 56 of the solo version has been recorded (by Michael Habermann).
Tāntrik Symphony for Piano Alone (1938-39; 284 pp.)
Études transcendantes (100) (1940-44; 456 pp.) See lists of etudes that have been performed and etudes that have been recorded.

The etudes that have yet to be given a first public performance are nos. 27, 33, 39, 42, 44-48, 51, 53-58, 60-64, 68, 69, 71, 74, 78, 82, 87, 90, 91, and 93.
Symphony [no. 2], “Jāmī”, for Large Orchestra, Wordless Chorus, and Baritone Solo (1942-51; 826 pp.) [•] A sound file by David Carter is available.
Third Organ Symphony (1949-53; 305 pp.) A performance by Kevin Bowyer is planned for the future.
Second Symphony for Piano (1954; 248 pp.) [•]
Symphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra (1935-37, 1953-56; 540 pp.) A sound file by Alberto Vignani used to be available on the internet but has disappeared.
Opus clavisymphonicum—​Concerto for Piano and Large Orchestra for Piano and Large Orchestra (1957-59; 333 pp.)
Third Symphony for Piano Solo (1959-60; 144 pp.)
Messa grande sinfonica (1955-61; 1,001 pp.)
Toccata quarta (1964-67; 149 pp.) [•] The fifth movement (“Intermezzo secondo”) was given its first performance by Florian Steininger on 20 December 2014 at the Musentempel im Kulturzentrum Tempel (Karlsruhe) as part of a concert entitled “In modo esotico, vol. 4”.
Concertino non grosso for String Sextet with Piano obbligato quasi continuo (1968; 48 pp.)
Opusculum clavisymphonicum vel claviorchestrale (1973-75; 334 pp.) [•]
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