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This page lists, in alphabetical order, the names of the photographers and artists, whether professional or amateurs (friends), who took pictures of Sorabji or made representations of him. The column on the right gives references to the pages in the sources listed below, where reproductions of the photographs may be found (there may be other sources).


  • OB: Sean Vaughn Owen, “Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji: An Oral Biography” (Ph.D. diss., University of Southampton, 2006). Contains a total of twenty-seven iconographic documents (Sorabji, his parents, his friend Reginald Norman Best, places associated with him, various documents of biographical significance).
  • OC4, OC5: Booklets for the Altarus AIR-CD-9074 (4) recording of Opus clavicembalisticum (1929-30; 253 pp.) and its reissue AIR-CD-9074 (5)
  • RS: Ronald Stevenson’s edition of Fantasiettina sul nome illustre dell’egregio poeta Christopher Grieve ossia Hugh M’Diarmid (1961; 10 pp.)
  • SA: Photographs reproduced on the Sorabji Archive’s website
  • SCC: Sorabji: A Critical Celebration

References to rare pictures published only as part of articles are also given, whether or not the photographer’s name is known.

Other sources for representations of Sorabji

Data on photographers may be found on The Victorian Image Collection, Photographers of Great Britain & Ireland, 1840-1940.

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Photographer/Artist Comments Source
Photographer/Artist Comments Source
Cecil, Hugh (full name: Hugh Cecil Saunders; 1892-1974) [Hugh Cecil] Celebrated English photographer who set up his London studio in 1912 at 100 Victoria Street. Took a photograph of Sorabji in the late 1910s or early 1920s (wearing a buttoned jacket, with both hands visible).

An original copy is found in the Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji Collection (box 15, F.1).
SCC, 427
Coburn, Alvin Langdon (1882-1966) [Alvin Langdon Coburn] Born in Boston, Coburn moved to England in 1912, where he pioneered vortographs. He published Men of Mark (London: Duckworth; New York: Mitchell Kennerly, 1913) and More Men of Mark (London: Duckworth, 1922).

Between 1913 and 1921 Coburn took photographs of forty-eight musicians for a volume entitled Musicians of Mark, which never reached the stage of publication. See Valentina Branchini, “Reconstruction of the Musicians of Mark”, in The Photographs of Alvin Langdon Coburn at George Eastman House: A Characterization Study of Materials and Techniques (Rochester, NY: George Eastman House, 2009), 76-94 (photographs of Sorabji not included).

A list can be also be displayed using the search engine on the website of the George Eastman House. One of the photographs of Sorabji (SCC, 12), described as a gelatin silver print (27.8 × 20.5 cm) is listed and displayed as a bequest of the photographer on the website of the George Eastman Museum (no. 1967.0097.0019). It is inscribed on mount recto in ink: “To my friend A. Langdon Coburn very sincerely, Kaikhosru Sorabji 20-11-18”.

Coburn shared Sorabji’s interest in the pianola and the occult. The composer may have played to him his Concerto pour piano et orchestra da camera [no. 3] (1918; 100 pp.), from which time the photographs date.
OC4, cover; OC5, cover (cropped)
SCC, 12, 232
Coster, Howard Sydney Musgrave (1885-1959) [Howard Sydney Musgrave Coster] Coster, who opened his studio in London in 1926 (Coster, Photographer of Men; 8 & 9 Essex Street, Strand), took photographs of Sorabji in 1932. One was used on the cover of the Oxford University Press brochure published in 1938 (wearing a striped jacket, with his left hand on his cheek).

For a black-and-white reproduction of the sepia original, see John Purser, Chasing a Restless Muse: Erik Chisholm, Scottish Modernist, 1904-1965: Chasing a Restless Muse (Woodbridge, Suffolk: Boydell & Brewer, 2009), 60.

An original copy is found in the Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji Collection (box 15, F.2).

For a biographical article, see the online edition of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (subscription required).
Dickie, Peter [Peter Dickie] Took a photograph of Sorabji with Barry Peter Ould in 1987 at Marley House Nursing Home. SCC, 447
Grayson, Bt., Sir Jeremy [Sir Jeremy Grayson, Bt.] Photographer active in Wareham, Dorset. Took a series of photographs of Sorabji (some of them with Yonty Solomon) in 1977.

Another photograph shows Sorabji with Solomon in October 1997; see Yonty Solomon, “Obituaries: Kaikhosru Sorabji”, The Independent, 17 October 1988.

An original copy of one of the two pictures showing Sorabji at his desk, with his ring on the little finger of the left hand, is found in the Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji Collection (box 15, F.5).
OB, 318-20; SA (1, 2); SCC, 92
Histed, Ernest Walter (1862-1947) [Ernest Walter Histed] Born in Brighton, Histed earned his reputation in Chicago and in Pittsburgh. After returning to England, he set up a studio in New Bond Street and then in Baker Street. He later returned to the United States (New York and Palm Beach).

Took a photograph of Sorabji in or before 1917.
Private collection
Seah, Stephen, and Macnamara [Stephen Shea and Macnamara] Photographers active on Sherwood Street, London NW1.

Took a photograph of Sorabji in January 1926.
Private collection
Musprat, Joan Alice (1908-57) [Joan Alice Muspratt] Joan Alice Muspratt was a photographer at 10 Institute Road, Swanage. In 1934 she gave up a career in teaching and joined her sister Helen (1907-2001; obituary in The Guardian; photo on the website of Jed Corbett), who had set up her studio in Swanage in 1929 and became a leading woman photographer who opened a studio in Oxford in he late 1930s. An exhibition of photographs by the Muspratt sisters (“Swanage in Newberry’s Time”) was shown at the Swanage Museum and Heritage Centre from 31 March to 9 May 2008.

The Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford organized at the Blackwell Hall, Weston Library (5 October to 20 December 2020), an exhibition entitled Helen Muspratt Photographer, curated by her daughter, Jessica Sutcliffe. See the website Helen Muspratt Photographer and Michael Pritchard, Archive: Helen Muspratt goes to the Bodleian, British Photographic History: Information and discussion of all aspects of British photographic history, 29 August 2020.

Joan Muspratt took at least five photographs of Sorabji. The first two date from 1945, whereas the other two could date from around 1950 (as suggested in RS): There is an archival sound recording of an interview with Helen Muspratt in the collection of the British Library.

An original copy of the photograph showing Sorabji wearing a pinstripe suit is found in the Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji Collection (box 15, F.4).
See the list in the second column
Ovesen, Hans The Danish freelance landscape architect, painter, and musician Hans Ovesen made a drawing of Sorabji, with his left hand on his chin, with his ring given much prominence. The drawing used to be reproduced on a website (together with other Sorabji-related pictures) at (no longer active).  
Peterkin, Norman (1886-1982) [Norman Peterkin] English composer of Scottish and Irish descent; one of Sorabji’s closest friends since around 1917.

Took pictures of Sorabji seated at his piano, outside his house (both 1966) and standing on the slopes of Corfe Castle (ca. 1934)
OC4, 20; OC5, 27
SCC, 35, 57, 74
Peterkin Marie [Marie Peterkin, née Lang] (d. 1960) Took a photograph of Sorabji and her husband, Norman, in the mid-1930s (on the left side of Peterkin’s house, holding his right arm). SCC, 140
“Rembrandt” (Rembrandt and Vandykes) This photographer appears to have been active in Bombay. He took a picture of Sorabji in 1933 (wearing jacket and tie, with gold-rimmed glasses). SA; SCC, 268
Spare, Austin Osman (1886-1856) [Austin Osman Spare] The English artist, painter, and occult magician Austin Osman Spare appears to have done a portrait of Sorabji, listed as “K.S. Sorabji Esq’ (No.176)” in the catalogue for his 1937 studio exhibition (whereabouts unknown). This would be the only portrait ever made by Sorabji of an artist. See also Robert Ansell, “The Living Word of Zos” (2006).
Spencer-Bentley, Clive [Clive Spencer-Bentley] English schoolteacher and composer; friend and dedicatee of Sorabji, of whom he took photographs in July 1988. One of these photographs is used on the home page of the Sorabji Resource Site. For a different photograph by Spencer-Bentley, see Charles Beauclerk, Piano Man: A Life of John Ogdon (London: Simon & Schuster, 2014), between pp. 176 and 177.

For a rare colour photograph, see the booklet for Altarus AIR-CD-9067.
OC4, 7; OC5, 8; SA (1, 2)
Stafford, Simon [Simon Stafford] A picture (serendipitously) showing Sorabji, holding a cane in his right hand, crossing the street close to the Red Lion Inn (now Hotel), 1 North Street, Wareham {Google Maps}, was published as part of the section “Our town then and now” in Keith Martin, Oxford New Geography, 4 vols. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1980), 4: 11.
Unidentified Sorabji (bust), with dark-rimmed glasses, wearing a dark suit and tie, with the points of his white shirt held by a pin; reproduced in his “The Metapsychic Motive in Music”, The Modern Mystic and Monthly Science Review 3, no. 5 (June 1939): 207-10, no. 6 (July 1939): 238-41, and booklet to Altarus AIR-CD-9082.
Unidentified Sorabji seated at his 1896 Steinway piano in the late 1960s (only the hands are visible); reproduced in Kevin Bowyer, “Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji (1892-1988)”, Organist’s Review 78, no. 2 (1992): 113-18; 117 (part I).
Unidentified Sorabji at his front door with Russell Harty, presenter of the London Weekend Television’s programme Aquarius (broadcast on 11 June 1977); the warning “All calls and visits Strictly Barred Unless previously arranged” is visible on the left. Published in “Weekend TV”, Harrow Observer, 10 June 1977, 8; reproduced on Sean Vaughn Owen’s Facebook page, 26 February 2020.
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