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Section Titles of Opus clavicembalisticum

This page shows the variations in terminology for Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji’s labelling of the movements and sections of Opus clavicembalisticum (1929-30; 253 pp.), as they appear first in Constitution of the Work of the manuscript, then in a similar list at the beginning of the published edition, and finally as they appear in the musical text of the published edition itself. Stray punctuation has been omitted.

Movement numbers appear in roman numerals in the score; they are given here in arabic numerals for sorting purposes.

A suggested normalized terminology is used in the pages devoted to the durations of performances of Opus clavicembalisticum and to the durations of individual tracks of the Altarus and Continuum recordings.

Movement Constitution of the Work (MS) Beginnings of Sections (MS) Constitution of the Work (Score) Beginnings of Sections (Score)
Movement Constitution of the Work (MS) Beginnings of Sections (MS) Constitution of the Work (Score) Beginnings of Sections (Score)
I Introito: Introito: INTROITO I. Introito:
II Preludio-Corale Preludio-corale PRELUDIO CORALE II. Preludio-corale
III Fuga I Fuga I. quatuor vocibus FUGA I III. Fuga I. quatuor vocibus
IV Fantasia III. Fantasia FANTASIA IV. Fantasia
V Fuga a due soggetti Fuga II. duplex FUGA A DUE SOGGETTI V. Fuga II. [duplex]
VI Interludium primum [Thema cum XLIV [recte 49] Variationibus] VI. Interludium Primum [Thema cum variationibus.] INTERLUDIUM PRIMUM (THEMA CUM XLIV [recte XLIX] VARIATIONIBUS) VI. Interludium primum [Thema cum variationibus]
VII Cadenza I VII. Cadenza I CADENZA I VII Cadenza I
VIII Fuga a tre soggetti VIII. Fuga tertia triplex FUGA A TRE SOGGETTI VIII Fuga tertia triplex
IX Interludium alterum [Toccata: Adagio, Passacaglia cum LXXXI Variationibus] [Interludium B. (Toccata adagio e Passacaglia.)] INTERLUDIUM ALTERUM (TOCCATA: ADAGIO. PASSACAGLIA CUM LXXXI VARIATIONIBUS) IX. [Interludium B [(Toccata:adagio:Passacaglia)]
X Cadenza II Cadenza II CADENZA II X. Cadenza II
XI Fuga a quattro soggetti Fuga IV. Quadruplex FUGA A QUATTRO SOGGETTI XI. Fuga IV. Quadruplex
XII Coda Stretta Coda. Stretta CODA STRETTA XII. CODA _ Stretta
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