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Opus Numbers

This page shows how Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji used opus numbers in his earliest works, that is, from 1915 to 1919. In some cases dates or opus numbers are conjectural and are used to reconstruct a complete sequence; they are followed by a bullet (). The extant opus numbers do not accurately reflect the chronology of composition; they should therefore not be used when quoting the titles of works. Furthermore, it is pointless to use numbers that apply only to such a limited segment of the composer’s output. The purpose of the table is therefore purely documentary.

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Title Completion Date Opus Number Comments
Title Completion Date Opus Number Comments
The Poplars (1915; 3 pp.) 1915-05-17 Op. II, No. 1
Chrysilla (1915; 4 pp.) 1915-05-21 Op. I, No. 1 This work, which was completed after the previous one, bears an earlier opus number.
Roses du soir (1915; 4 pp.) 1915-07-08 Op. I, No. 2
L’heure exquise (1916; 2 pp.) 1916-02-10 Op. II, No. 2 Op. II, No. 2 was completed almost ten months later than Op. II, No. 1.
Vocalise pour soprano fioriturata (1916; 3 pp.) 1916-03-23 Op. II, No. 3
Concerto [no. 1] pour piano et grand orchestre (1915-16; 177 pp.) 1916-06-17 Op. III
Vocalise no. 2 (1916; 0 p.) 1916-07-06 Op. IV, No. 1• This title makes sense here because it is a song like the two other numbers in this opus.
Apparition (1916; 5 pp.) 1916-09-26 Op. IV, No. 3
Hymne à Aphrodite (1916; 5 pp.) 1916-10-15 Op. IV, No. 2 Op. IV, No. 2 was completed after No. 3.
Chaleur—​Poème (1916-17; 32 pp.) 1917-04-21 Op. V
The Reiterated Chord (1916; 0 p.) 1916-00-00 Op. VI• This title makes sense here because Chaleur was begun in 1916.
Sonata no. 0 (1917; 30 pp.) 1917-03-08 Op. VII
Quasi habanera (1917; 6 pp.) 1917-08-14 Op. VIII
L’étang (1917; 2 pp.) 1917-04-25 Op. IX
Concerto II pour piano et grand orchestre (1916-17; 49 pp.) 1917-12-27 Op. X
I Was Not Sorrowful—​Poem for Voice and Piano [Spleen] (between 1917 and 1919; 3 pp.) 1917-00-00• Op. XI• A brief crossed-out inscription could be an opus number.
Le mauvais jardinier (1919; 1 p.) 1918 or 1919• Op. XII• Two opus numbers are obliterated.
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