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Works Performed but not Recorded

This page lists those works by Sorabji that have received a first performance (and sometimes further performances). In several cases, performances were given many years ago, but no commercial recording has yet been made. A few private recordings or tapings circulate, among other sources on YouTube, though there is no assurance that they have been sanctioned by the performers or the sponsoring organization.

The present listing may be seen as an incentive for performers and recording companies to set projects in motion.

See also a list of works that have yet to receive a first performance.

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Works Year of First Performance Comments
Works Year of First Performance Comments
Chaleur—​Poème (1916-17; 32 pp.) 1999
Désir éperdu — Fragment (1917; 1 p.) 1990  
Le mauvais jardinier (1919; 1 p.) 2011
Quintet no. 1 for Piano and Quartet of Stringed Instruments (1919-20; 72 pp.) 1998
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra [no. 5] (1920; 144 pp.) 2003
Sonata III for Piano (1922; 75 pp.) 1977
Cinque sonetti di Michelagniolo Buonarroti (1923; 40 pp.) 1980
Trois poèmes du “Gulistān” de Saʿdī (1926, rev. 1930; 16 pp.) 1999
Movement for Voice and Piano (1927, 1931; 9 pp.) 2001 The song was given its first performance by Ariadne Greif (soprano) and Jason Wirth (piano) in New York on 3 May 2015.
Toccata seconda per pianoforte (1933-34; 111 pp.) 1936 Modern performances have been given by Donna Amato in 2016 and Abel Sánchez-Aguilera in 2019, whose recording is scheduled for release in March on Piano Classics PCL10205. The latter's performance of the “Notturno” is available on YouTube.
Transcription of the Prelude in E-flat by Bach (1945; 4 pp.) 1999
Schlussszene aus “Salome” von Richard Strauss—​Konzertmäßige Übertragung für Klavier zu zwei Händen (1947; 25 pp.) 2007
Sequentia cyclica super “Dies irae” ex Missa pro defunctis (1948-49; 335 pp.) 2010 The complete work was performed by Jonathan Powell on 18 June 2010. His studio recording was completed on 11 December 2015 and released in January 2020 on Piano Classics PCL10206 (7 CDs).
Suggested Bell-Chorale for St. Luke’s Carillon (1961; 1 p.) 1961
Fourth Symphony for Piano Alone (1962-64; 240 pp.) 2003 Vars. 14-17, 25-30, 34, and 35 played by Reinier van Houdt are available on a CD that is part of issue no. 87 (Fall 2003) of the magazine Musicworks.
Frammenti aforistici (Sutras) (104) (1962-64; 37 pp.) 2005
Frammenti aforistici (20) (1964; 9 pp.) 2004  
Toccata quarta (1964-67; 149 pp.) 2014 The fifth movement (“Intermezzo secondo”) was given its first performance by Florian Steininger at the Musentempel im Kulturzentrum Tempel (Karlsruhe) on 20 December 2014.
Benedizione di San Francesco d’Assisi (1973; 2 pp.) 1999
Sixth Symphony for Piano (Symphonia claviensis) (1975-76; 270 pp.) 2013 The recording of the first performance by Jonathan Powell (’s-Hertogenbosch, 27 October 2013) was broadcast on Concertzender on 14 August 2014 from 1.00 to 7.00 a.m. Following the host’s introduction, the concert begins at 0:03:20 and ends at 4:55:26; the applause subsides at 4:57:20, after which music by Simeon Ten Holt is heard. The entire programme lasts 5:59:54.
Frammenti aforistici (4) (1977; 1 p.) 1991 A performance by Paulo Álvares on 7 October 2020 at the Dialograum Kreuzung an Sankt Helena, Bonn, is available on YouTube.
“Il gallo d’oro” da Rimsky-Korsakov: Variazioni frivole con una fuga anarchica, eretica e perversa (1978-79; 93 pp.) 2005 Jonathan Powell’s performance at the Centre Corum in Montpellier was broadcast live.
Il tessuto d’arabeschi (1979; 32 pp.) 1982
Opus secretum atque necromanticum (1980-81; 48 pp.) 2001 A live recording of the first performance at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, 28 November 2001, is available on YouTube.
Passeggiata variata sul nome del caro e gentile giovane amico Clive Spencer-Bentley (1981; 3 pp.) 1998
Fantasiettina atematica (1981; 2 pp.) 1995 The recording of a performance given on 9 April 2008 at the Chiesa di Santa Cristina (Bologna) is available on YouTube.
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