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Societies Devoted to the Promotion of Sorabji’s Friends

This page provides links to the various societies or corporate bodies dedicated to the promotion (or self-promotion) of the personality or works of Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji’s friends and dedicatees (excluding performers, who appear elsewhere). It also includes references to archives where relevant documents may be found.

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Name Society
Name Society
Bowen, York York Bowen Society, The
Busoni, Ferruccio Centro Studi Musicali Ferruccio Busoni
Chisholm, Erik Erik Chisholm Trust, The
University of Cape Town Libraries, Manuscripts & Archives
Delius, Frederick Delius Trust, The
Garvelmann, Donald M. International Piano Archives at Maryland, The {Archival source for Garvelmann’s collection of rare piano music and correspondence}
Heseltine, Philip Peter Warlock Society, The
Hinton, Alistair Sorabji Archive, The {A section of the Sorabji Archive’s website devoted to Hinton’s works. Another section is devoted to the pianist Marc-André Hamelin.}
Ireland, John John Ireland Trust, The
Ogdon, John John Ogdon Foundation
Orage, Alfred Richard Modernist Journals Project, The {This consists in an index of The New Age from 1907 to 1922, that is, before Sorabji wrote for this newspaper, with a series of PDF files.}
Sitwell, Sacheverell Renishaw Hall & Gardens {located between the cities of Sheffield and Nottingham, 140 miles north of London}
Stevenson, Ronald Ronald Stevenson Society
National Library of Scotland, Manuscripts Division {Inventory Acc.11055 Ronald Stevenson}
Vicars, Mervyn Mervyn Vicars, 20th Century Composer – A Musical Biography
Walton, William William Walton Trust
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