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Works with Alternative or Previous Titles

This page lists the titles that Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji considered at one time or another before settling on a final form. The “official” (editorial) titles, as given in SCC and in Opus sorabjianum and the Sorabji Resource Site, appear in the first column. These normalized editorial forms eliminate superfluous capitalization and correct the many mistakes made by the composer due to his approximate handling of foreign languages.

Current Title Alternative Titles
Current Title Alternative Titles
Quasi habanera (1917; 6 pp.) Quasi Españana {This title was obliterated and replaced with the current title.}
Opus clavicembalisticum (1929-30; 253 pp.) Opus Sequentiale {The work was referred to by this title in letters to Erik Chisholm written between 25 December 1929 and 5 April 1930, when the composer announced that he was renaming it.}
Opus clavisymphonicum—​Concerto for Piano and Large Orchestra for Piano and Large Orchestra (1957-59; 333 pp.) Opus Claviconcertatare {This title appears at the top of the first page of music.}
Opusculum clavisymphonicum vel claviorchestrale (1973-75; 334 pp.) Claviorchestralis {This title appears at the top of the first page of music.}

Opusculum for Piano and Small Orchestra {This title appears on the verso of the title page; it was added at a later date, when the composer dedicated the work to Alistair Hinton.}
Sixth Symphony for Piano (Symphonia claviensis) (1975-76; 270 pp.) Symphonia magna {This title appears on the first page of music and on the title page, where it is crossed out and replaced by the current title.}

Clavisymphonica {This title appears on the title page of “Terza parte”.}
“Il gallo d’oro” da Rimsky-Korsakov: Variazioni frivole con una fuga anarchica, eretica e perversa (1978-79; 93 pp.) Il Gallino d’Oro da Rimsky-Korsakov[:] Variazioni frivoli [sic] con una fuga anarchica: eretica e perversa {This title appears on the title page.}

The Golden Cockerell Crows: Variazioni frivoli [sic] sopra il grido del Gallino d’Oro da Rimsky-Korsakov {This title appears on the verso of the title page.}
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