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Special Editions of the Published Works

This page provides all the known data about the rare limited editions of three of Sorabji’s works (bearing the composer’s signature) that were published in addition to the standard editions.

Locations and details are given for copies found in public collections or when the owners have made their ownership public. Otherwise, copies known to be in private collections are identified as such. The current owner of any copy not marked as such, most likely a private collector, is unknown. Such copies may turn up at any time in research libraries as part of bequests or on the shelves of second-hand booksellers such as The author would greatly appreciate being notified of any serendipitous discovery, which will be promptly added.

The numbered scores are referred to as they are identified, that is, by an Arabic or Roman numeral or by a written-out number.

The standard copies bearing inscriptions by the composer are discussed elsewhere, as are the added features of three of the scores published in standard editions.

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra [no. 5] (1920; 144 pp.)

Publisher: London: F. and B. Goodwin Ltd., 1923.

Colophon: A special edition comprising twelve copies, in half-binding and [the last three words obliterated] printed on hand-made paper and number by the adapter [this word obliterated and replaced in hand with “composer”]. No. [number]. [signed:] Kaikhosru Sorabji.

Binding: Some or all copies may be bound in cloth and/or leather, and not necessarily at the same time (see the details about copy No. 6 below).

Locations of copies

Sonata seconda for Piano (1920; 49 pp.)

Publisher: London: F. and B. Goodwin Ltd., 1923.

Colophon: A special edition comprising twelve copies, in half-binding and printed on hand-made paper, has been signed and numbered by the adapter [this word has been crossed-out and replaced with “composer”]. Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji.

Peculiarities: The score is ca. 10 mm thick as opposed to the standard one, which is ca. 5 mm thick.

Locations of copies

Opus clavicembalisticum (1929-30; 253 pp.)

Publisher: London: J. Curwen and Sons Ltd., 1931.

Colophon: Twenty-three copies of this work have been printed on Whatman handmade paper each numbered and signed by the composer. “No. [Number]. Kaikhosru Sorabji.”

Peculiarities: This edition measures 10 3/16″ × 15 1/16″ (H × W); left and right margins: approx. 3 7/16″, top margins: approx. 1 3/16″, bottom margins: approx. 2 1/16″. Price: 5 guineas (rather than 2 guineas for the standard edition).

Locations of copies

Standard editions with peculiarities

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