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Layout of “Quasi fuga” from Symphonia claviensis

This page provides a sectional layout of the “Quasi fuga” (pp. 228-58) that forms section VI (in the Terza parte) of Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji’s Sixth Symphony for Piano (Symphonia claviensis) (1975-76; 270 pp.). Page references are to Jonathan Powell’s edition (virtually identical to the manuscript).

Section Tempo Pages Comments
Section Tempo Pages Comments
Quasi fuga a Abbastanza animato: secco 228-30 Simple, rather sparse texture.
Interludio A Vivace e leggiero: staccato sempre 230-31 Study in double notes and .
Quasi fuga b Seccamente animato 232-33 Mostly semiquavers.
Interludio B Molto animato 234-35 Expansive, virtuoso treatment.
Quasi fuga c Capricciosamente 236-39 Mostly semiquavers; ends “Grandioso”.
Interludio C Tranquillo e soave 240-43 In nocturne style, with rather sparse texture.
Quasi fuga d Moderato in tempo 243-47 Quavers throughout; ends climactically.
Interludio D Vivace e abbastanza leggiero 248-49 Semiquavers throughout. Study in broken octaves (link to the subject of the previous fugue).
Quasi fuga e Lento abbastanza 250-58 Emphasizes long note values (mostly breves, semibreves, and crotchets, with more animation as the fugue nears its end); the “Quasi stretto” begins on p. 256.
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